The Cure's Robert Smith Saves "South Park" From Mecha-Streisand

The little town of South Park sure gets a lot of action.

First it was the battle between longtime foes, Jesus and Satan.

Now in the tradition of Godzilla Vs. Rodan battling it out over Tokyo, the February 18 episode of "South Park" on Comedy Central, will be witness to the battle between two people who have probably never met, The Cure's Robert Smith and diva, Barbra Streisand.

As we reported last month (see Robert Smith Shares A Smile With "South Park"), Smith recorded his voiceover for his appearance during The Cure's Christmas Radio Tour last December.

Details of the episode are out. Smith takes on "Mecha-Streisand," the evil robotic monster who is loosely based on Rosie O'Donnell's hero, Babs. Hijinx, no doubt, ensues. Rest assured, the construction paper kids are saved by the notoriously melancholic Cure frontman.

The Cure are currently in the studio working on new material planned for an early

summer release.