Cure On "Bloodflowers" Role In Album Trilogy

The Cure is halfway through the European leg of its "Dream Tour 2000," an outing that will arrive in the U.S. next month for a five-week run of mostly amphitheaters, beginning on May 18 in Atlanta.

The group's newest album, "Bloodflowers," is continuing to dominate college radio here in the States, as the record is currently in the top five of both the "CMJ" Top 200 album and Core Radio charts.

Prior to the release of "Bloodflowers," Cure frontman Robert Smith talked about how the record formed a trilogy of sorts with two of the band's earlier records, 1982's "Pornography" and 1989's "Disintegration," a point he expounded upon during an interview with the MTV Radio Network.

"It's slightly disingenuous, me having said that," Smith explained. "Certainly when I made 'Pornography,' I had no intention of it being part one of an emotional trilogy, and 'Bloodflowers' exists

as an album. You don't have to have any awareness of 'Pornography' or 'Disintegration' to enjoy or to get something out of 'Bloodflowers.'

"In the true sense of it being a trilogy, it's a lie, as the third part of a trilogy necessitates you being aware of the first two parts to have any idea of what's going on in the third part. I think why I said it was that within the group, I wanted the others to have a sense of what I wanted to make.

"In my own mind there was this emotional trilogy that was 'Pornography,' 'Disintegration,' and this album that we were going to make," Smith continued. "And I used those two albums as references and touchstones in the studio for the sounds and the kind of emotional content that is in those two records.

"Having said that, they do work really well,

the three of them back-to-back, if you've got three hours to spare. But 'Bloodflowers' exists on its own as an album." [RealAudio]

The Cure has contributed a remix of "Watching Me Fall," a new cut from "Bloodflowers," to the recently reissued "American Psycho" soundtrack (see "Huey Lewis Pulls Song From 'American Psycho'"), while DJ guru Paul Oakenfold has completed a remix of the Cure's "Out Of This World."