The Crystal Method Arrested For Drug Possession

October 29 [14:00 EDT] -- Ken Jordan and Scott Kirkland, the duo better known as the Crystal Method, were grabbed by police last Friday in a lab in downtown Los Angeles on suspicion of possessing of an illegal substance.

Jordan and Kirkland were among a group of eight people who were arrested for possession for sales of gamma-hydroxy-butyrate, better known as the rave drug GHB.

Kirkland and Jordan each posted bail for $200,000 the next morning, but the duo have not been formally charged yet pending further investigation.

A police spokesperson says some of the people detained that night were cooking up three gallons, the equivalent of 2,200 doses of the drug. The L.A.P.D. started investigating the lab two days prior to the arrests.

The Crystal Method still plan to play a rave called the Funky Techno Tribe Halloween Party on Friday in San Francisco.

The group is also scheduled to join Death In Vegas, Method Man and Redman at "Fashionably Loud," MTV's

"House Of Style" event, on November 5. The group then hopes to launch its club tour November 7 at the Trocadero in Philadelphia.