Crystal Method Talk About Getting Caught In Drug Dragnet

November 6 [16:00 EDT] -- "We know we didn't do anything wrong."

That's how the Crystal Method's Scott Kirkland summed up the duo's take on the dragnet that nabbed him and his colleague Ken Jordan along with six other people on suspicion of drug possession.

Kirkland and Jordan were among eight people rounded up last month when police charged into a home where they say someone was cooking up a batch of the rave drug GHB. The Los Angeles District Attorney told MTV News that they are still investigating the matter and have not yet decided whether they will file charges against Kirkland and Jordan or not.

When the techno duo rolled into New York for a taping of MTV's "Fashionably Loud" on Wednesday, the incident was a prime topic of conversation.

"I don't even know what you do to make GHB, but I didn't even see any chemistry type materials in the kitchen or anything," Kirkland told MTV news. We were there for five minutes and I was talking to our friend Hope,

and Ken was reading a magazine and the next thing you know, the place was being invaded. It was a horrible 18 hours, but it's over and behind us and we know we didn't do anything wrong."

"No charges filed," Jordan boomed in. [800k QuickTime]

The duo's performance on "Fashionably Loud" won't air until next year, but you can catch them on MTV's "Sports and Music Festival" this weekend.