Crystal Method Discuss Run-In With The Law

Also enduring a spot of bother recently was the California electro-duo Crystal Method, whose two members, Scott Kirkland and Ken Jordan, were arrested in Los Angeles two weeks ago, along with six other people, and charged with cooking up a king-size vat of the disco drug GHB. The two musicians spent 18 hours in jail, but were then set free without being charged, pending further investigation. Crystal Method performed at the taping of MTV's annual "Fashionably Loud" extravaganza on Wednesday, so we stopped by and asked for further details.

SCOTT KIRKLAND, Crystal Method: I don't even know what you do to make GHB, but I didn't even see any chemistry type materials in the kitchen or anything like that. We were there for five minutes, I was talking to our friend Hope, and Ken was reading a magazine and the next thing you know, the place was being invaded. I mean, it was a horrible 18 hours, but it's over and behind us and we know we didn't do anything wrong.


Crystal Method: No charges filed!

Crystal Method launched a U.S. tour on Friday and plays Baltimore on Sunday.