Crystal Method Discusses Commercial Endorsements

As most music-savvy channel surfers know, the techno duo Crystal Method has joined the ever increasing ranks of acts selling their music to advertisers.

Method's track "Busy Child" can be heard in one of the Gap's new Khaki spots, part of a campaign shot by video director Roman Coppola, who has produced clips for such artists as Wyclef Jean, Cibo Matto, Green Day and the Presidents of the United States of America.

MTV News caught up with ace programmers Steve Kirkland and Ken Jordan, the mad masterminds behind the Method, and asked them whether they felt the commercial endorsement meant the band had sold out.

"We thought," Kirkland said, "for the commercial, visually if it looks great, then why not?"

"We probably won't ever do music specifically for a commercial," added

Jordan, "but if the project seems all right and the commercial is going to look real cool, then, yeah, we might do it" [1MB QuickTime].

Crystal Method will release a new single, "Comin' Back," from its "Vegas" album on June 9. The song features vocals by Trixie Reese, who is now touring Europe with the group, which is opening for Garbage.