Limp Bizkit To Address Woodstock Aftermath In New Video

Limp Bizkit will be one of the many artists on hand at New York City's Lincoln Center Thursday night for the 1999 MTV Video Music Awards, where the group will not only be presenting an award, but will also be vying for a pair of silver moonman statuettes, as "Nookie" is nominated for Best Group Video and Best Rock Video.

Aside from announcing plans to headline this year's Family Values tour, the band has kept a relatively low profile since its raucous performance at Woodstock '99 (see "Family Values Tour Announces Itinerary", "Metallica, Rage, Limp Bizkit, Alanis Highlight Riotous Evening").

Limp Bizkit's Fred Durst talked to MTV News in between rehearsals for the VMAs, and he said that the group had just finished work on a video he scripted for the band's new single, "Re-Arranged," which will deal with the fallout from Bizkit's Woodstock appearance.


went into press silence after Woodstock," Durst told MTV News, "because everybody was trying to pinpoint [the blame] on us. So I decided my press release would be my video, so 'Re-Arranged' is our press release [for what happened] at Woodstock. And the concept, well, you'll just have to watch it and see what it's about."

"But it is about being persecuted for something you're not guilty of," he added. "No matter how hard anybody tries to get rid of Limp Bizkit, which everyone is trying to, we're gonna live forever. Whether we die, whether we go to heaven or whatever, the CD is there, it's not going anywhere."

"What we did at Woodstock," Durst said, "was we went

and did a Limp Bizkit

show, and our shows are pretty intense. Our crowd, the maximum we've ever played for at a normal show is like 25-30,000. You multiply that times the 300,000 [that were there], you have to think like that, and no one thought like that."

"The living conditions were terrible, but I'm sorry," he concluded, "I didn't realize what was happening, but we're still gonna be Limp Bizkit and do what we do." [RealVideo]

Limp Bizkit will kick off the 1999 edition of the Family Values Tour with Filter, DMX, Crystal Method, and Staind on September 21 in Pittsburgh.

-- David Basham