Scott Weiland To Sing On Crystal Method Track

Stone Temple Pilots singer Scott Weiland will join Crystal Method in the studio soon to sing on a track for the dance duo's next album.

Crystal Method's Ken Jordan said the idea of collaborating with Weiland first came up when they shared a radio-festival bill in 1998. Weiland was then on a solo tour for 12 Bar Blues.

"After we got done performing, we found out that he wanted to come onstage with us," Jordan said. "He had a whole vocal part written for one of our tracks, but we didn't know until after the set. We would've loved it.

"A mutual friend found out that he was still interested in working together, so we contacted him through our publisher," Jordan said. "We sent him a few undeveloped tracks and he picked one he really likes."

Weiland, who has been working with the song, is expected to join Jordan and partner Scott Kirkland in the studio later this month.

Weiland is free to work on other projects since STP wrapped the Return

of the Rock tour with Godsmack and Disturbed on Friday in Phoenix.

He also will spend the coming weeks working with Inglewood, California, hip-hop group the Underdogs on their debut album, which will be released on his label, Lavish Records.

The singer met one of the Underdogs while serving jail time on drug charges last year.

STP plan to regroup in January to begin work on their fifth album, the follow-up to last year's platinum No. 4.