Hunters & Collectors Recording, Crowded Housemate Lounging

August 12 [12:00 EDT] -- Melbourne, Australia's Hunters & Collectors are reportedly back in the studio after a hiatus that saw guitarist Barry Palmer recording and touring with his other band, Deadstar, and singer/guitarist Mark Seymour record a solo album produced by Palmer.

Australian columnist Christie Eliezer reports that a CD's worth of new Hunters & Collectors material has been recorded and is currently being mixed. She adds that tour dates are being planned for January.

Meanwhile Palmer has confirmed to Australian magazine Drum Media that his Deadstar bandmate Nick Seymour (brother to Mark and best known as a member of Crowded House), left Deadstar last month because Nick and singer Caroline Kennedy (formerly of Plum) weren't seeing eye-to-eye. He added that Seymour's melodic approach didn't mesh with Deadstar's "Slimy sexy approach."

Both the new Deadstar album and the aforementioned Mark Seymour solo project, long since recorded, have yet to be released.

The delay is at least partially due to the restructuring of their Australian record label, Mushroom which is now being distributed by Sony.