Sheryl Crow Tells How Bob Dylan Classed Up Her Album

Rich with revealing lyrics, Sheryl Crow's latest album, "The Globe Sessions," seems like a very personal document, but she did accept a bit of outside help on the project.

Amid the many glimpses into the singer/songwriter's soul on "Sessions," listeners will find a track written by rock legend Bob Dylan, who essentially bestowed the song upon Crow after finding out that it wouldn't fit on his last album. During a recent interview with MTV News at her unannounced acoustic show in Los Angeles at the Roxy, Crow said she never thought twice about included Dylan's work on a collection that was otherwise uniquely her own.

"I was stoked that he even thought of me for the song," Crow told MTV News. "I personally think that it just added that much more class to my album. I was sort of in the middle of a big debate with myself about what kind of album I had made and I was feeling kind of insecure about it and

then he called and said he had this song and I went in and recorded it and all of a sudden I had some clarity on the whole project. It really, sort of, provided a great center to the whole thing." [28.8 RealVideo]

"The Globe Sessions," which has been on store shelves since late September, was recorded at Crow's new studio, conveniently dubbed The Globe, and even more conveniently located five blocks from her home in New York City. The album has remained in the top 15 of the album charts since the time of its release.