David Crosby's Brother Missing, Leaves Suicide Note

December 11 [14:00 EDT] -- Ethan Crosby has been reported missing in the rugged mountainous area 250 miles north of San Francisco.

According to the Associated Press, the 60-year old brother of rock star David Crosby, the care taker of a cabin in the remote Trinity Alps Wilderness, hasn't been seen since November 5. AP reports that a friend hiked to the cabin November 29 and found a note that indicated Crosby was intending to commit suicide.

"By the time you read this I will be dead -- gone home to my Alaska" reads the note. "Please do not search for my body. I want it to return to the earth unmolested by uncaring officials. Give my deep love and gratitude to David and all my friends. My last words: I love you all. Go Wild!!"