Creed Writing Material For Next Album, Mulls Rock Package Tour

Creed's 1997 debut record, "My Own Prison," continues to hold strong in the Top 40 of the Billboard album charts a year and a half after its release -- thanks in large part to the band's dedication to promoting multiple singles.

The band has already scored three number ones on the alternative and mainstream rock chart, and has just issued is a fourth single from the debut, for the track "One."

According to a representative for the band's label, Wind Up Entertainment, Creed plans to spend the next few weeks hammering out material for its follow-up album, which the group plans to start recording in April and May with producer John Kurzweg, who also handled "My Own Prison." The new Creed album is tentatively slated for release in September or October.

Before that, however, Creed plans on heading overseas for a club tour in support of "Prison," which has just been issued in several key European markets the band wants to play for.

It doesn't appear that

Creed will mount another U.S. road expedition until after it completes work on their sophomore record, but vocalist Scott Stapp told the MTV Radio Network that they are already kicking around ideas -- including a mini-package tour with some other up-and-coming rock acts.

"There's talk of doing a shed tour this summer [or later]," he said, "with a lot of the new up and coming rock bands. It would be our show, but bands like Fuel and Days of the New would also be on the bill. And all the new rock bands that came out in 1998. We're talking about putting those all together, I'm not sure what we would call it yet, but it'd be all the rock bands of the future." [28.8 RealAudio]

Creed's last scheduled American date will be a make-up show on March 12 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, after which the group is set to launch a two-week European expedition on March 13 in London.