Creed To Oversee "Scream 3" Soundtrack; Gives Praise To Radio

After contributing tunes to the soundtrack albums for "The Faculty" and "Dead Man on Campus" last year, the Florida rockers in Creed apparently intend to get even more involved in film work, as the band has signed on to executive produce the "Scream 3" record, due out in November.

According to a publicist for Creed, the band will compile tracks from other artists for the soundtrack and will also pitch in two songs of its own: "What If" from Creed's upcoming album, "Human Clay," and "Is This the End," a song written specifically for the film.

Creed plans to kick off a major tour this weekend to support "Human Clay," which is due in stores on September 28, although "My Own Prison" is still holding strong at number 75 after close to two years on the "Billboard" album chart.

The first single from "Human Clay," entitled "Higher," is currently being heard all over alternative and rock radio, a medium which frontman Scott Stapp credits for helping establish the band's

musical identity.

"We didn't sell records because of an image," Stapp told MTV News of the group's first album, "or because we were crammed down people's throats, per se, through television and stuff. Not saying that we don't like that or wouldn't like to be involved with that, just that's not how we did it." "It was through touring, word of mouth, and it was the songs," he added. "People went out and bought our record because they heard a song on the radio that they identified with. And they didn't have a clue about what we looked like or who we were, but they said, 'Hell, that's a good song.'" [RealAudio]

Creed, Oleander, and Our Lady Peace will perform as part of the Carolina Music Festival in Charlotte, North Carolina on September 25 and will officially launch their joint tour three days later

at the Patriot Center in Fairfax, Virginia.