Limp, Creed Trade Barbs At KROCK Show

Most of the time, summer radio festivals bring a full slate of rock's movers and shakers together for some fun and good vibes under the sun...

And then there was the 2000 edition of the KROCK Dysfunctional Family Picnic.

The New York rock radio outlet saw its annual concert turn into a veritable dis-fest last Friday, as Limp Bizkit and Creed traded barbs during their sets.

The bands shared a bill with Stone Temple Pilots, Ozzy Osbourne, Deftones, Godsmack, Sevendust, and others, and Limp ruffled some feathers before even taking the stage by showing up at the event an hour late.

While thanking the fans for coming out, Stone Temple Pilots frontman Scott Weiland said, "You guys are the ones that take the day off from work, you guys are the ones who spend the money on the tickets, you guys are the ones who drive around here from all these states from within the vicinity, and you know what? It ain't f***in' cool to keep people waiting for an hour for

a f***ing show, no matter what."

A spokesman for Interscope Records told MTV News that there was confusion over Limp's set time, but things got even weirder when Durst launched into a rant against Creed frontman Scott Stapp onstage.

"I want to dedicate this next song to the lead singer of Creed.... That guy is an egomaniac," Durst told the crowd. "He's a f***ing punk, and he's backstage right now acting like f***ing Michael Jackson. F*** that motherf***er, and f*** you too.... [RealVideo] And if you want, there's going to be a booth with pillows and blankets for when Creed comes on."

Stapp himself seemed to address the comment (and the band's critics in general) during Creed's set, saying, "It takes a lot more guts to say something to somebody than from behind their backs."

During an appearance on Monday's edition of "Total Request Live," Durst said that after the

set, Creed's camp presented him with an "anger management manual" autographed with a spiritual dedication.