Creed Goes After Fred Durst Again

The battle of words between Creed and Limp Bizkit has entered round two, as Creed is taking Limp frontman Fred Durst to task for his handling of up-and-comers TapRoot.

Creed and Durst exchanged words after their bands crossed paths at New York's KROCK Dysfunctional Family Picnic this summer (see "Limp Responds To Creed Comments"). Now, Creed has once again set its sights on Durst, issuing a statement on Wednesday charging that he hurled "vulgar comments and violent threats... totally indicative of a mobster mentality" at TapRoot. Creed also goes on to note that frontman Scott Stapp's open challenge to face Durst in a charity boxing match still stands.

Interscope VP Durst was one of many major-label headhunters courting TapRoot last fall, and TapRoot's camp contends that Durst soured on the band in a major way when it started playing showcase gigs for other labels. Durst then vented his displeasure with the band and

its management, Velvet Hammer, in a message on frontman Steve Richards' answering machine.

"Hey man, you f***ed up," Durst begins in the message, before going on to claim that TapRoot "embarrassed me and the Interscope family." Durst also goes on to say that the band's manager "is going to be blackballed and probably erased, and you will too." The message has been making the rounds online as an audio file, and Velvet Hammer verifies its authenticity, though it denies any knowledge of how it turned up online.

Durst followed through on his promise somewhat, dropping TapRoot's fellow Velvet Hammer client System Of A Down from last year's Family Values tour while calling their manager a "piece of sh**" (see "Fred Durst Sounds Off On System Of A Down-Family Values Split").

TapRoot went on to land its deal with Atlantic and score a slot on the second stage of Ozzfest 2000, but apparently the flap is news to Creed, who

issued a statement this week taking Durst to task for the situation.

"Having heard his recent comments about TapRoot and their manager, after they refused to sign to his Flawless/Interscope label, we feel that Fred has worn out his welcome as an artist spokesperson for our industry," the statement reads. "Fred's vulgar comments and violent threats are totally indicative of a mobster mentality that this industry has tried to rid itself of in recent years. If Fred wants to represent our industry as a major-label senior vice president, then he should consider actually reading the anger management book that we sent to him or just return to being an artist that lets his music speak for itself."

Spokespeople for Limp Bizkit were not prepared to comment on the matter late Wednesday afternoon.

For its part in the matter, Velvet Hammer's David Benveniste told MTV News, "I appreciate Scott's ability to recognize truth and to realize that it isn't about anything but the music.

"I also want to thank Fred Durst for helping to turn people on to this band," added Benveniste, whose Streetwise Marketing has also helped Papa Roach, Slipknot, System Of A Down, Static-X, and others find an audience.

The volley of heated words between Creed and Limp Bizkit began at KROCK's Dysfunctional Family Picnic last month when Durst teed off on Stapp during Limp's set. "That guy is an egomaniac," Durst told the crowd. "He's a f***ing punk, and he's backstage right now acting like f***ing Michael Jackson. F*** that motherf***er, and f*** you too.... And if you want, there's going to be a booth with pillows and blankets for when Creed comes on."

Creed responded by presenting Durst with an anger management manual and calling the frontman's on- and offstage actions at the show "immature and egotistical" (see "Creed Responds To Limp Bizkit Comments").