Cranberries Big Year

Aug. 23, 1996 -- It's been an interesting year for the Cranberries so far, filled with marriage, lawsuits, and medical distress, as well as non-stop touring. John Norris caught up with the Irish band in Vancouver recently to assess the damages.

JOHN NORRIS: What is it about Dolores that so many people are into?

FAN: Oh, I dig the accent, but she's a just great singer. Have you ever seen someone who can put a note together like that?

NORRIS: How would you compare them live to being on record?

FAN 2: They're just as good. They're so good. This was a great concert. It was awesome.

NORRIS: So far, 1996 has been an eventful year for the Cranberries. It's seen the release of their third album, "To the Faithful Departed," a $15,000 settlement in a lawsuit against a British tabloid, the marriage of guitarist Noel Hogan, and now, after having to cancel tour dates back in June when Dolores O'Riordan badly injured her knee on stage in Australia, the band is

back on the road and arrive here tonight in Vancouver.

DOLORES O'RIORDAN: (Walking on stage) Hello, Vancouver!

JOHN NORRIS: You started up, I guess, toward the end of May over in Asia, and then there was this mishap. Can you talk a little about that?

NOEL HOGAN, Guitarist: Well, I guess we had a week left in Australia by the time Dolores' leg... She had a skiing accident about 2 years ago, and it just kind of came back at her and she twisted it in Australia.

DOLORES O'RIORDAN, Vocalist: When I jumped, I do remember thinking, sh*t, you know, but I just was like, nah, I just went on with the adrenaline, but I remember when I came offstage it was just going up like a balloon.

NORRIS: Are you reluctant at this point to move a lot on stage?

O'RIORDAN: It just can be injured so easily, so... I've got the splint so I can just relax and have fun. It's cool.

NORRIS: How do you guys determine the set list and the balance between new material

and older stuff?

O'RIORDAN: That's one of our biggest nightmares, to come up with a set list and keep changin' it over and over, but we, we're quite happy with the one we have now. (Onstage in Vancouver) Well, I always remember coming to the US and to Canada about two and a half years ago. "Linger" brought us here.

NORRIS: You're here in North America for a couple of months, and then the rest of the year? It's going to be like...

FERGAL LAWLER: We have two weeks off then we go to Europe, tour Europe for about two and half months until Christmas time, and that's it. Finished. Finished touring.