Cranberries' O'Riordan Battling Exhaustion

Jan. 28 [16:00 EST] -- According to reports, the Cranberries announced that they are going on a one-year hiatus to allow lead singer Dolores O'Riordan to overcome "stress and exhaustion."

The website of British music magazine "NME" reported that the band will hold off on touring or recording for a full year while O'Riordan rests.

Last November, the Cranberries abruptly canceled the last leg of their "Free To Decide" tour reportedly because O'Riordan was ill at the time. The band eventually completed the U.S. and European legs of the tour.

The singer will now reportedly spent time at her home in Kerry, Ireland with her new husband, Don Burton.

A band spokesperson told the "NME," "She (O'Riordan) is getting much better. She's taking it easy, she's well, and she's on the road to recovery. It was just overwork ("Forever Yellow Skies" live, QuickTime, 1.3MB) that made her ill, basically. (The Cranberries) went round the

world two-and-a-half times in four years with no longer than a six-week break in all that time."