Cranberries Display Lighter Side On New Record

While the Cranberries are looking forward to performing at a special concert for this year's Nobel Peace Prize winners in Oslo, Norway in December, the Irish band is also prepping to release its first new album since 1996's "To the Faithful Departed" early next year.

The first single from the new Cranberries' album is titled "Promises," and as frontwoman Dolores O'Riordan and drummer Fergal Lawler told the MTV Radio Network, fans can expect a quirkier, more upbeat sound than the group's previous efforts.

"There's a lot of bizarre material on it," O'Riordan said, "There's a lot of strange songs. Like in the early days, when the band started, we used to have and write more funny, freaky songs. But by the third album, I think we were too much in the limelight, and we felt too freaked out, so the writing got a little bit sensible there for a while. More serious. Now it's sort of silly again, with

a sense of humor and a little bit of piss-taking and that kind of thing."

"The album sounds happy," Lawler added, "which is very unusual for us. It's a quite happy album." [28.8 RealAudio]

As we previously reported (see "Cranberries Head To France For Next Album"), the Cranberries headed to France to work with producer Benedict Fenner on the band's new album, which is due in stores in February 1999.