Cracker's David Lowery On "Gentleman's Blues" As A Concept Album

With the release of Cracker's newest album, "Gentleman's Blues," frontman David Lowery notches the ninth album of his 14-year career -- including the time logged with his first group, the ecclectically influential Camper Van Beethoven.

Some critics are pointing to "Gentleman's Blues" as Lowery's first concept album, and although he says it didn't strike him or guitarist Johnny Hickman that way when writing and recording the album, the common themes were pointed out by Benmont Tench of the Heartbreakers, who played keys on the sessions.

"[Ben] was the one who mentioned that it was a concept record about being in a band," Lowery told the MTV Radio Network. "Now, it's not really, it's just that I guess after 14 years of being on the road, making records and stuff like that, a lot of the situations that I set up, the scenarios in the songs are things that are intrinsic to being in a band."


scenarios that are very familiar to us," Lowery added, "and I guess that's why. It wasn't intentional, but it is kind of fun to be a little self-referential at this point in our careers, where we can comment on other records, on what happened to us and stuff like that." [500k QuickTime]

Cracker is currently out on the road, touring in support of "Gentleman's Blues," which arrived in stores last week. The band will head to the great Northwest this weekend, playing in Portland, Oregon, on Friday, and the Bumbershoot Arts Festival in Seattle on Saturday.