Deborah Cox Brings Canadian R&B "Wishes" To America

Songstress Deborah Cox recently earned the top spot on the R&B charts with her sweeping ballad, "Nobody's Supposed to Be Here," the first single from her recently-released sophomore album, "One Wish."

The Toronto-based singer, who got her start as a back-up singer for Celine Dion, wasn't always basking in the glow of a hit single, and before issuing her self-titled debut back in 1995, Cox was snubbed my several Canadian labels who passed on signing her. But as she told MTV, Cox now hopes her success will make it easier for other Canadian R&B artists to make it in their own country.

"Canada's still struggling in the area of R&B," Cox said, "it's really not getting the amount of exposure that it's getting here in America or worldwide, basically. And I'm just happy that I'm able to contribute something to this industry that's gonna help you know Canadian [artists], and the Canadian music industry to

take notice." [28.8 RealVideo]

On "One Wish" Cox pairs up with an unlikely producer, DJ Quik, and the former gangsta rapper -- who is now involved in anti-gang education programs -- has a new project of his own in the works.

The kinder, gentler Quik plans to release a new album, "Rhythm All-ism," on November 24, and the record features guest appearances by Snoop and Nate Dogg.