Counting Crows Get Busy On New Studio Album

Counting Crows are back in their Los Angeles studio right now cranking out a follow-up to their 1996 hit "Recovering the Satellites."

The band is currently toiling on the project under the jokey working title "Havin' A Twist Party With The Counting Crows," and has brought on Cracker's David Lowery and Throwing Muses producer Dennis Herring to co-produce.

The band already has 15 tracks in various stages of readiness with some bordering on the experimental according to singer Adam Duritz. The album is expected to arrive early next year.

The band recently released a live album, "Across A Wire," to hold over the masses, and that release has slipped to number 51 on the Billboard album chart after debuting at number 19 two weeks ago.

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