Coolio's European Tour Leads To Police Probe

November 21 [14:30 EDT] -- Coolio has reportedly run into some trouble on his European tour as German police are investigating claims that the rapper was involved in an incident in which a shop owner was struck.

Reuters news service reports that police in the German town of Boeblingen are looking into an incident that occurred Thursday when eight people entered a clothing store, tried on items, and eventually left without taking them off after a member of the group punched the store owner.

According to Reuters, security sources claim that Coolio was one of members of the group.

The rapper (whose tour plays Germany before rolling on to Switzerland, France, the Netherlands, and Belgium) reportedly entered a police station in Frankfurt Thursday evening, and left after paying bail.

The rapper is free to continue his tour, which visits Zurich on Friday, Mainz Germany on Saturday, and Rotterdam on Sunday.