Coolio Arrested Over Incident In German Clothing Store

November 24 [7:55 EDT] -- After looking into an incident at a German clothing store, police have reportedly arrested Coolio and seven others charging that they lifted merchandise from the store and assaulted the shop's owner.

Reuters news service reports that German police arrested the eight, including Coolio, on Saturday after a two-day probe into the matter. The group was reportedly rounded up on charges that they took items from the store without paying for them, and that one member of the group punched the 29-year-old shop owner before leaving the store.

Coolio was reportedly freed by authorities after posting 100,000 marks (or $57,000) bail, while other members of the group were ordered to pay around 10,000 marks before their release.

As we first reported on Friday, police started looking into the case after the shop owner claimed the group tried on items from the store and never took them off before

leaving the store. The shop owner also claimed he was punched in the stomach by a member of the group, and police told Reuters they decided to arrest the group after finding that the incident involved a "greater intensity of violence" than they first thought.

No word yet on how the charges will effect Coolio's tour, which was scheduled to hit Rotterdam on Sunday for a 10-night run through December 2.