Coolio To Discuss Arrest In Live Chat

Speaking about Coolio's arrest on Tuesday and the press reports that have followed, spokespeople for the rapper say that the incident has been blown out of proportion, and plan to tell their tale during a live chat on Saturday night.

Coolio's wife and manager, Josefa Salinas, told MTV News late Thursday that the rapper would be taking to his official website (at on Saturday night to talk with his fans about the arrest.

As we first reported on Thursday, the rapper was arrested on Tuesday in Lawndale, California after police found a gun and marijuana in the rapper's 1996 Hummer (see "Coolio Arrested On Weapons, Drug Charges"). In addition to two misdemeanor charges related to those findings, police also charged Coolio with driving with an expired license and driving on the wrong side of the street.

Addressing the incident and

the reports detailing it, Salinas discussed each of the charges individually, and claimed that what the police found in Coolio's vehicle amounted to an unloaded pistol in route to a firing range and the remnants of a marijuana roach.

Salinas told MTV News that the rapper was on his way to meet her at a firing range, where the two go every Tuesday, and stopped first to drop off his children on a small street in a residential neighborhood. She says Coolio slowly crossed from the right side of the road to the left where he parked so that his children would not have to cross the street.

Salinas says that, when questioned by police, Coolio promptly told the officers about the unloaded pistol he was planning to use at the range. When police then searched the vehicle, which had recently been lent to a friend, Salinas claims the officers found a the remains of a joint in the ashtray, and not a baggy of marijuana as has been reported.

The rapper's manager/wife also says that the

charge of driving with an expired license is simply a case of bad timing as the rapper's license expired last month while he was on tour in Europe, and he had an appointment to renew it on Monday, October 21.

The man in the middle of all this, Coolio himself, will tackle the matter head on when he addresses his fans Saturday night. He may also take the opportunity to talk about his acting turn in the indie film "Tyrone," which will make the festival circuit this fall, or his new album, which is expected to arrive early next year.