Coolio Sentenced To Probation, Monetary Fine For German Assault Charges

It appears that some of Coolio's legal problems have been settled -- at least the international ones, that is.

On Thursday, a court in Stuttgart, Germany, convicted the rapper of being an accessory to robbery and causing bodily injury, and sentenced Coolio to six months probation and a $30,000 fine, according to the Associated Press.

For Coolio, the ruling finally brings a close to the case -- which grew out of a November 1997 altercation between the rapper and his entourage and the proprietors of a German clothing boutique near Stuttgart back in November 1997 (see "Coolio Arrested Over Incident In German Clothing Store").

Several members of Coolio's backing group who decided not to show up for the trial were not so lucky, however, as the judge issued warrants for their arrest for failing to appear. Those outstanding warrants may pose a problem to those in Coolio's band when the rapper returns to Germany in late January

for a tour.

Meanwhile, Coolio is still awaiting a court date in regard to his September arrest in Lawndale, California, on misdemeanor weapons and drug charges, although the rapper is expected to appear at the American Music Awards on January 11, where he will duet with Blondie on a new song, "No Exit."