Coolio Plans To Reschedule Tour After Auto Accident

After an auto accident seemed to bring an end to a promotional tour for his record label, Coolio says that the tour will go on.

As we reported last week, Coolio had been making the rounds with artists from his Crowbar Records on what was being billed the 18-City Mission tour. Six members of Coolio's entourage were injured, two seriously, in an accident near Sacramento, California (see "Coolio Cancels Tour In Wake Of Auto Accident"). All six were treated and eventually released from a nearby hospital.

"We actually not gonna cancel it, just postpone it for maybe three weeks to a month, just to re-evaluate," Coolio told the MTV Radio Network recently. "Plus the record wasn't out yet anyway, you know. This was kind of an omen to say, 'Slow down for a minute, regroup, see how you gonna do this.'"[RealAudio]

In addition to stirring up support

for the label, the outing was also designed to promote "Crowbar Records Presents," a compilation featuring artists from the label. Both the album and the planned tour include Dy'Verse Society, Rated R, Rukus, and Krazy Khrome. KUR N'C, Da Wyld Kingdom, Big Blue, Heather Marie, Spade, and Midnight Suns also contribute songs to the compilation, which hit stores this week.