Coolio Films Two Videos In L.A.

The industrious (and charitable) Coolio was on the set in downtown Los Angeles this past weekend to shoot not one, but two new videos.

The rapper's wife and manager, Josefa Salinas, told MTV News that Coolio teamed with country star Kenny Rogers on Friday for a video of their remake of the 1978 Rogers hit "The Gambler," a song the pair re-cut as a duet in 1998 (see "Coolio And Kenny Rogers On New Version Of 'The Gambler'").

The country-themed video, set on a train, will be released on an enhanced CD5 later this fall, and both artists will donate a portion of the proceeds from its sale to a national campaign dubbed "How Cool Is Your School" that will present 20 U.S. schools with computer facilities. The winners will be chosen via an essay contest in which entrants describe why their school should be selected.

Saturday and Sunday also saw production on the video for the first single from Coolio's next album.

The clip for the song, called "Yo Ho Ho," continues the theme from the video for his 1994 Top 10 single "Fantastic Voyage."

Directing both shoots was Patrick Tatopoulos, best known for his creature design for the 1990s version of "Godzilla," as well as "Independence Day" and "Battlefield Earth."

"Yo Ho Ho" will be released around Halloween. The new Coolio album, titled "," his fourth, is scheduled for a February 2001 release on Coolio's own DragonRiders label, distributed by Allied/BMG.

In other news, expect to see Coolio starring in a horror movie spoof called "Shriek If You Know What I Did Last Friday The 13th," which is set to air October 17 on the USA Network. The rapper is also set to tour Europe from October 27 to December 15.