Wyclef Jean Chews On Coolbone Remix

December 11 [12:00 EDT] -- Coolbone, an 8-piece 'cool brass' hip hop band from New Orleans, is releasing a Wyclef Jean remix of the Bill Withers song, "Use Me," plus a video of the song featuring Richard Roundtree, the star of the 1971 movie "Shaft."

The remix also features other members of the Fugee's Refugee Camp including guest rapper John Forte. The original song appears on Coolbone's debut album, "Brass Hop," recently released by Hollywood Records.

The video closely follows the theme of "Shaft," with Roundtree reprising his role as hip private eye John Shaft. The movie, which spawned a series of like endeavors, is only coincidentally is being remade by "Boogie Nights" producer John Singleton. A spokesperson for Coolbone's label says the two events weren't related, and that the company had envisioned the theme and sought out Roundtree before they knew about the existence of the new "Shaft," which will reportedly begin shooting next year sans Roundtree.


leader, trombonist Steve "Coolbone" Johnson, describes "brass-hop" as a combination of funk, hip-hop, soul, and freestyle rap, with some blues, gospel and swing added in "while keeping the main elements of traditional New Orleans music--the tuba, the horns, and the acoustic instrumentation."

The group is a family affair, featuring Johnson's three brothers, his uncle and some family friends. The single and video will debut either later this month or early next year.