Stones Keith Goes Off On Puffy, Dust Brothers

September 17 [7:55 EDT] -- As Puff Daddy's list of collaborators continues to grow, there is one rock guitarist who doesn't figure to be working with Puffy anytime soon.

Just as Puffy was toiling with Foo Fighter Dave Grohl in a New York studio over the weekend (see "Puffy Gets Help From A Foo Fighter" in today's news headlines), Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards went off on Puffy while talking to Kurt Loder during a break in tour rehearsals in Toronto.

The subject of the advanced state of sampling, and specifically Puffy's use of the Police hit "Every Breath You Take," came up, and apparently lit Keith's fuse.

"What a bereft of imagination (sic). What a piece of crap," Richards told MTV News of Puffy's work. "You know, come up with something on your own. That's what it's all about. What's the point? Nobody minds (you) being

influenced by somebody, even heavily influenced by somebody, but at least add something to it instead of just taking it." [1.3MB QuickTime]

Puffy responded over the phone Tuesday afternoon, saying, "He must've been high when he did that interview, but I forgive him."

It might be worth mentioning that Keith Richards and Mick Jagger gave k.d. lang and her partner Ben Mink a co-writing credit on the new Stones single "Anybody Seen My Baby," after Keith heard his daughter singing lang's "Constant Craving" to the tune of the Stones' single.

The vibe was also less than lovey-dovey in Toronto over the weekend when the topic of the Dust Brothers came up. Richards was quite frank when talking about his impressions of the work the guest producers had done on three tracks on the new Stones album "Bridges To Babylon" (which include "Anybody Seen My Baby").

"The Dust Brothers... ashes to ashes," Richards said. "I've got better versions of those songs in

my drawer. I don't lie to nobody. They took six months to ruin two good songs as far as I'm concerned. I think what's there is all right. It's just knowing that you have better (versions) 'round the back, but I knew I had to do a trade-off to make this album." [1.4MB QuickTime]

Like Puffy, the Dust Brothers had their say Tuesday, telling MTV News that they're sorry Keith feels that way, and that for their part they enjoyed working with the Stones.

The "Bridges To Babylon" album is out September 30, and the Stones hit the road next Tuesday in Chicago, with Blues Traveler opening that first date.

With 10 of the first 13 Stones dates already selling out, a second Boston-area date at Foxboro Stadium, on October 21, went on sale Tuesday.

On Saturday, tickets go on sale for a newly added November show at the Texas Motor Speedway near Fort Worth, with the Smashing Pumpkins, the Dave Matthews Band,

and Matchbox 20 also on the bill.