Update: Dave Grohl And Puffy Team With Replacements' Stinson

September 24 [Updated 12:00 EDT] -- Apparently Dave Grohl wasn't the only representative of the rock world to join forces with Puff Daddy recently.

As we first reported on September 16, Puffy and Grohl got together in a New York studio recently where the former Nirvana drummer and current Foo guitarist/singer laid some drum and guitar tracks down for a rock remix of Puffy's "It's All About The Benjamins" [450k QuickTime In Studio ].

Now word comes that the duo were joined by former Replacements' bassist Tommy Stinson (who is usually busy with his current project, Perfect), who rewrote the song's chorus for the remix.

The unlikely team was also joined by the group Fuzzbubble, who are the first rock act to be signed to Puffy's Bad Boy label.

Footage from the studio session reveals a laid back air as Puffy and Grohl sit at the console and Grohl chugs out some impromptu

guitar riffs over a remix of the Puffy hit.

"That sounds like a record," [450k QuickTime] Puffy said when Grohl had settled into a groove with the track.

There is no word yet on when that collaboration will be released, but whenever it does arrive, Grohl will have a co-producer credit on the song.