Puffy In The Studio With Dave Grohl

As you may remember, collaborator to the stars "Puffy" Combs -- the producer, performer and music mogul whose name seems to adorn every other hip-hop hit in the charts these days -- cast his creative net a little wider recently, bringing Foo Fighter Dave Grohl into a studio to play guitar and drums on a rock remix of Puffy's hit, "It's All About The Benjamins." Here's the documentation.

PUFF DADDY: I don't know how easy it is, but could you double time the riff, but still have your type of changes, just do the riffs again, knowing we want it to move more? Just do what you feel, but still have the changes the way you had 'em, but just know we want the track to move a little more... You think that would be good?


As it turns out, Grohl wasn't the only surprise player at that session; also on hand was one-time Replacements bassist Tommy Stinson -- who now leads his own band, Perfect, and who rewrote the song's original chorus -- and a band called

Fuzz Bubble, the first rock act signed to Puffy's label, Bad Boy Records. Will the Stinson-Grohl remix actually be released? We'll let you know.