Puffy: The Sound Of Young America?

Hi, I'm Kurt Loder, and this is "The Week In Rock."

With his latest protege, Mase, debuting at number one on the "Billboard" album chart on Monday, and a national tour with his home-grown stable of chart stars kicking off this weekend, hip-hop phenomenon Puffy Combs continues his campaign of world conquest.

The music Combs churns out, as a writer, producer, performer, and promoter, has so many friendly feelers out to rock and other pop styles that it may soon lay claim to the old Motown record slogan, which was simply: "The sound of young America." Puffy was in Los Angeles two weeks ago, shooting a video for his rock remix of "It's All About The Benjamins" [700k QuickTime] with director Spike Jonze, and found him referencing, of all things, R.E.M [Puffy covering R.E.M., 600k QuickTime].

PUFFY COMBS: No, this is just something different and off the wall. We're known for the glitzy and

glamour type of videos, and we're very versatile as artists, so we just want to switch up the flavor on them for a second.

LIL' KIM: He bought me this dress, y'all.

PUFFY: Yeah, I bought her this dress.

Puffy with the break away Lil' Kim, one of the stars on-board his just-launched U.S. tour with "The Family." Puffy has also repaid The Police for allowing him to sample their old hit, "Every Breath You Take," for his own smash, "I'll Be Missing You" by doing a remix of the first Police single, "Roxanne", released back in 1979, for a Police best-of album due out on November 25th.

In his spare time, such as it may be, Puffy has also managed to put together a new video for "Been Around The World," the next single off the posthumous album "Life After Death," by his late friend, the Notorious B.I.G. He's also at work on another Biggie video for the track "The Sky's The Limit," which will feature look-alike children portraying the young Biggie, Puffy and Mase.