Mase Reminisces About Becoming A Bad Boy

November 19 [10:00 EDT] -- Rapper Mase, whose debut album "Harlem World" continues to reign over the Billboard pop albums chart, owes a lot of his success to his producer Puffy Combs.

Mase recently described how he met the hip-hop mogul. The meeting occurred in Atlanta, where he was supposed to hook up with another big producer, Jermaine Dupri.

"We went into the party in the Hard Rock Cafe, and Da Brat was performing," Mase told MTV News. "He (Puffy) said 'Yo Brat, I know it's your show, I know it's Jermaine Dupri's birthday party, but can you give me the mic for one second?'"

Then she went to the side and they throw on a beat and he said rap, and he said 'if this guy sound good, he's gonna be a Bad Boy tonight. If he whack I want you all to boo him off the stage and make him never want to rap again.' So, I got on the stage, they threw on a beat and everyone was like 'go, rap, rap, shorty rap!' And I just said, 'hum all you want to, come all you want to.' I said

the whole rhyme from the 112 remix and everybody went crazy, everybody stood up and was clapping. He was like 'you wanna be a Bad Boy when you get to New York? Don't talk to nobody. You don't need to talk to nobody. You're gonna be signed.'" [700k QuickTime]

And signed he was.

Mase is on Puff Daddy's current U.S. tour, which plays Charleston, West Virginia on Thursday. For complete tour dates, see "Puffy Trying To Give People What They Want On Tour" in the MTV News Gallery.

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