Janet Eludes Puffy

Here in the states, meanwhile, 1997 has been a famously fabulous year for hip-hop impresario Puffy Combs, and with an elaborate new video co-starring Fugee Wyclef on the air, and his star-packed "No Way Out" tour making the concert rounds, he's ending it on a very high note. Not all of Combs' musical dreams came true this year, though -- take the one about Janet Jackson, for example.

MTV: Romeo and Juliet. Samson and Delilah. Puffy... and Janet.

SEAN PUFFY COMBS: I've been saying this on every interview. Janet Jackson. Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis need to get up off a track, throw a brother a track or something, you know? I want to get in the studio with Janet, produce with Janet. You've been producing her, can I get some light? I let you produce Mary J. Blige, can I get some light? Can I produce Janet? Jimmy? Terry?

MTV: Puffy campaigned, but when "The Velvet Rope" arrived, he was still on the outside looking in.

PUFFY: I've worked with everybody I've

wanted to work with.

MTV: Really?

PUFFY: Yeah.

MTV: 'Cause there was one artist you had mentioned before...

PUFFY: Yeah, there was one artist I mentioned before. But I mentioned her name and she didn't want to work with me, she didn't want none of the hits. So, I got to move on.

JANET: But, it's like, the album is done! Not that he's begging, but I do hear that he keeps... and he had asked me a few times. I don't know if it ever will happen. Um, maybe in the future, I don't know. I'm probably the only one who hasn't worked with him.

PUFFY: Everybody has they own, they own decisions they have to make. I love, you know, I love Janet Jackson's music. I'm just mad that I couldn't have been on the album.

JANET: Well, he knows he's got his pull so, with what's happening right now, with what the kids want to hear. He really does and they're enjoying what he's giving. So good for him.

PUFFY: It was just a dream, a fantasy to

one day work with Janet Jackson. Now I don't want to do it. I don't want to work with her anymore. I'm moving on. My heart has been broken and I am moving on.

For more on the long-awaited Puffy tour, try to catch our documentary special, "It's All About The Backstage," premiering Sunday night at 10.

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