Combs Testifies In CCNY Suit

Sean "Puffy" Combs was in a New York City courtroom Monday morning to testify in a $48 million lawsuit filed against the city and state of New York.

The suit was filed by the families of 4 of the 9 people crushed to death against a set of metal doors at the City College of New York in December 1991, as a crowd tried to push its way into a rap-basketball charity game sponsored by Combs and rapper Dwight "Heavy D" Myers.

Combs, who is not a defendant in the case, but who has reportedly agreed to settlements with 8 of the 9 families, testified that he'd left security matters in the hands of a student, and that -- contrary to what some witnesses have said -- he saw one door in the Nat Holman Gymnasium open at all times that night.

Puffy spent ten minutes on the stand and was out of court before noon. He then made a brief statement to the press gathered outside about his role in the incident.

"I was promoter of the event," Combs said, "and I'm sorry for being the promoter of the event and anything that I could have had to do with this tragedy. I have no problem with that and never ran from that. It's a tragic event and my heart just goes out to the family." [1MB Quicktime]

The families' attorneys were expected to finish their case on Tuesday.