Puffy Discusses CCNY Trial, Fails To Sign Woodson

Sean "Puffy" Combs made the rounds at several post-Oscar parties Monday night, just hours after testifying in a New York City courtroom in a lawsuit filed against the city and state of New York.

As we reported earlier this week (see "Combs Testifies In CCNY Suit"), Puffy was called on as a witness in the case, and at an Oscar night party thrown by "Vanity Fair" in Los Angeles, he discussed the trial and how the incident continues to affect him.

"It was a very hard thing for me to do," Puffy said of his courtroom appearance. "The city college tragedy is something that I live with everyday [500k QuickTime]. I was one of the promoters of that event, and my heart continuously goes out to the family and the children that lost their lives, and I constantly pray every day for them, and that's definitely the way my day started, and I just

got here right now."

"I was a witness," Puffy added, "it wasn't like I was on trial, but I had to go back and tell everything that happened, so it was definitely something that was hard for me to do."

In other Puffy news, the "Los Angeles Times" is reporting that Michigan cornerback Charles Woodson will be represented by brothers Carl and Kevin Poston for the NFL draft in April, and not by Puffy. As we previously reported (see "Puffy In The Locker Room?"), Combs was believed to be in the running to become the Heisman winner's agent.