Puffy/U2, Roni Size/Soul Coughing Among Projects You WON'T See Despite Reports

If you've read about U2 teaming up with Puff Daddy or British drum-n-bass mastermind Roni Size joining forces with the jazz-touched hipsters in Soul Coughing, don't get your hopes up.

A spokesperson for U2 says that reports floating around the online community that the band's track "Do You Feel Loved" would be remixed by Puffy are "absolutely not true."

After surrendering tracks to Roni Size among others for remixing (see "Roni Size Remixes U2, Sarah McLachlan"), the band has had its fill of remixes for a while according to the spokesperson.

The report first appeared on a U2 fan site, and was then picked up by other music news websites.

Similarly, a spokesperson for Soul Coughing's record label, Warner Bros., says that a recent report in the British magazine "Q" that Roni Size would be co-producing the band's new album is wrong as well. Instead, producer Chad Blake is guiding the band through recording on

its follow up to "Irresistible Bliss," which is due to arrive before the end of the year.