Mase Talks Of Puff Daddy Pride

When Puffy Comb protégé Mase recently signed a deal with producer-turned-rapper Jermaine Dupri for Mase's rap group, Harlem World, tongues began to wag over possible dissension in Puffy's ranks.

But as we previously reported, the deal was less insidious than it at first seemed, as Dupri's label is run by an ex-Bad Boy employee who is a friend of Mase's.

The rapper recently set the record straight regarding his working and personal relationship with Sean Puffy Combs during an interview with MTV News while on the set of his next video, "Lookin' at Me."

"I would never leave Puff Daddy," Mase said, "he would have to try to kill my mother or something like that, something that would make me say 'I'm leaving Bad Boy.' But as it stands right now, Bad Boy is my family." [500k QuickTime]

"I look at

Puff Daddy as somebody that gave me a chance to prove the whole world wrong," he continued. "Cause when I used to think about rap, everybody would say, 'Well, you talk too slow,' or, 'You rap too slow,' when in reality, that was my uniqueness." [1MB QuickTime]

Mase also recently shot a clip for "Top of the World," his duet with Brandy that's featured on her new album, "Never Say Never."

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