Puff Daddy Comes Out For Korn's Family Values Set

Sure, the Korn-driven gut-rock extravaganza known as the Family Values tour is drawing legions of new metal followers to arenas across the country, but it also recently drew out at least one surprising high profile onlooker.

When the tour (which boasts Korn, Rammstein, Ice Cube, Limp Bizkit, and Orgy) rolled into the Continental Airlines Arena in East Rutherford, New Jersey on Friday night, Sean "Puffy" Combs came out to take in the action.

After catching bits of Rammstein's flame-drenched display of operatic German metal, Puffy stood on the side of the stage as Korn tore into its set, leaning down at one point to take a call on his cell phone. Before the set, Puffy was spotted chatting with Korn guitarist James "Munky" Shaffer, and as the band gnashed away at center stage, Puffy could be seen standing in the wings rocking back and forth and nodding approvingly.

A spokesperson for the Family Values camp told MTV News that the hip-hop mogul called up for tickets

simply because he is a fan of Korn and wanted to check out the tour.

The Puffy and Korn universes have brushed against each other before; as we reported in January (see "Puffy Remixed By Reznor, Deftones, Mascis"), Korn was one of the hard rock outfits considered to tackle a rock remix of Puff Daddy's "Victory."

The Friday night Family Values outing also attracted Biohazard's Evan Seinfeld, MTV VJ Jesse Camp, and Naughty By Nature's Vinnie.

If you want to stargaze, or if you'd rather just check out the show, here's where you can find the Family Values tour:

  • 9/29 - Pittsburgh, PA @ Civic Center
  • 9/30 - Detroit, MI @ The Palace
  • 10/2 - Milwaukee, WI @ Mecca Arena
  • 10/3 - Chicago, IL @ Rosemont
  • 10/4 - Minneapolis, MN @ Target Center
  • 10/6 - Denver, CO @ McNichols Arena
  • 10/8 - Phoenix, AZ @ America West
  • 10/9 - Los Angeles, CA @ Forum
  • 10/10 - San Francisco, CA @ Cow Palace
  • 10/11

    - Las Vegas, NV @ Thomas and Mack

  • 10/13 - Boise, ID @ The Idaho Center
  • 10/14 - Salt Lake City , UT @ E. Center