112 Gets A Little Less Puffy On Sophomore Record

You might think that there could be no better weapon against the likelihood of a sophomore slump than the production touch and guidance of Sean "Puffy" Combs.

However, for their second album, "Room 112," the R&B quartet relied a bit less on the man who helped shape their first album, and took a more hands-on approach this time around.

"It's definitely a blessing for Puffy to let us have that much creative control of our project," the group's Daron explained to the MTV Radio Network about their label head, who also guided them through their debut album.

"Being the producer and music mogul that he is, it obviously shows us that he trusts us and trusts our judgement. We know that Bad Boy's a predominantly hip-hop label, and us being one of the few R&B acts, you know he trusts us and he knows we can sing. R&B is really what we do and hip-hop is what he brings to us and we just

put it together." [28.8 RealVideo]

The group isn't exactly going it alone this time out however. Mase turns up on the album's first single, "Love Me," while Kelly Price, Li'l Kim, Dallas Austin, and yes Puff Daddy turn up elsewhere on the album, which arrives on November 17.