Puffy, Nas Get Tiger-Trapped During Video Shoot

Puff Daddy's worked with just about every human in the entertainment industry, but perhaps he should think twice before he tries conquering the animal kingdom.

The hip-hop mega-mogul was shooting a video last week with rapper Nas for "Hate Me Now," the new single off Nas's just-released album "I Am," on a set that featured two real, live tigers. Puffy apparently tried to get cuddlesome with one of the big cats. As Nas explained to MTV News, it wasn't a terrifically good idea.

"Puff was actually feeding the tigers, you know what I mean, he's brave-hearted," said Nas. "He was actually feeding the tiger with the bottle, and we had on these fur coats, and the tiger just reached out for him, I guess to show him some love or something, but I was nervous!"

Nas added, "We just sat there, you know what I mean, we ain't running, you know what I mean, but we

was right there and we was nervous and everything, and tigers'll kill you..."

As we reported on Wednesday (see "Nas Explains What 'I Am' Means To Him"), Nas will be taking part in Wyclef Jean's third annual Haitian Benefit Concert in Miami on April 17. He will then be heading out on tour with R. Kelly, Busta Rhymes, and Foxy Brown starting May 5.