Janet Pursued By Puffy For New LP

The "Nasty" one, Miss Janet Jackson, has told the British press she has not returned calls from Sean "Puffy" Combs, who she says has been inquiring about producing tracks for, or possibly even guesting on, her currently untitled album.

"He calls. He calls, but we've never spoken," she recently told the U.K. entertainment news site Worldpop.com. "I don't know if he is going to submit something," she adds, "but if he does, I will definitely give it a listen, and we will go from there."

Jackson is currently in production on her next album, the follow-up to 1997's triple-platinum "Velvet Rope." In addition to her regular Flyte Tyme team of Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, the album will feature production from Rockwilder (see "Janet Jackson, Jam & Lewis Tag Rockwilder For Tracks"), who made his name producing for Jay-Z and Busta Rhymes.

This is the first time Jackson has sought production help outside the Flyte Tyme

circle. "There was a point where I felt I wanted to switch it up. I think it was 'Velvet Rope' that brought all that to some sort of completion for me. I felt it was OK to go and explore other producers," she told Worldpop.

"The Velvet Rope," a stark album that included references to body piercing, bisexuality, and bondage, was a departure from the more hushed "Janet." As to where she might head with the new album, Jackson said that while she had only recorded three songs thus far, the tracks were "much lighter than 'Velvet Rope.' It's definitely a good space, a happy space."

Jackson was also recently interviewed by BBC Radio 1 about her role in the film "The Nutty Professor 2." The one-time child actor has expressed interest in acting in more films, telling the BBC that she has received many scripts, but due to scheduling conflicts, she could not pursue any of them.

While Jackson prepares her new LP, part of a five-album, $70 million contract with Virgin Records,

her latest hit, "Doesn't Really Matter" (see "Janet Jackson Romanticizes 'Nutty Professor' Single"), has held the top spot on the "Billboard" singles chart for three weeks straight.

In other Jackson family news, "The London Times" announced Wednesday that brother Michael would deliver his first-ever public lecture at the University of Oxford in February 2001. Michael will be joined by Rabbi Shmuley Boteach in an address on the importance of re-prioritizing life to include family and children.