Ed Roland Explains Collective Soul's Two-Pronged Attack

Collective Soul is back with its fourth album, "Dosage," which has gotten a significant boost over the past two months from its duelling singles: "Run," a ballad which first appeared on the "Varsity Blues" soundtrack, and "Heavy," which is, well, heavier. What's the reason for the double play?

"The cornerstone of the band is rock," front man Ed Roland told MTV News. "I mean, we're a rock and roll band, and we didn't want to lose that... core audience, that edge, so... the record company was a little worried about 'Run' being too soft for rock, which it is... and our suggestion was, 'why don't you just release "Heavy?"' and they did. They went with it and so far, it's worked out really cool for us." [28.8 RealVideo]

The band is on tour right now with fellow Atlanta group Marvelous 3 (see "Marvelous 3 Hits Big With 'Neglected' Single").

You can check the guys out in Dubuque, Iowa on Friday and Milwaukee, Wisconsin on Saturday.