Collective Soul Frontman Beaned (Again) During Radio Show

Attention Collective Soul concert-goers: If you want to light up during the group's power ballads, fine. Just don't flick your Bic at Ed Roland.

Those words of warning come after the Collective Soul frontman was beaned by a lighter thrown by an audience-member during the KMYZ Birthday Bash on May 8 in Tulsa, Oklahoma, forcing the band to end its set after only five songs.

According to Collective Soul's management, Roland received only minor bruises and scratches from the projectile, and the band was not expected to cancel or postpone any shows. The night after Roland was struck by the errant lighter, the group performed at the Beale Street Music Festival in Memphis, Tennessee.

A local newspaper, the "Tulsa World," reports that security located and detained a suspect believed to be responsible for downing Roland, but the unidentified fan was later released after Collective Soul and concert organizers opted not to press charges.

Even though Roland did not suffer any serious

injuries, the latest incident is eerily reminiscent of another airborne assault on the singer that occurred during the first few dates of the band's current tour (see "Collective Soul Kicks Off U.S. Tour With A Bang (Of Sorts)").

Tonight Collective Soul will play the Blue Note in Columbia, Missouri.