Beat Deal For No Doubt And Paula Cole

July 8 [12:00 EDT] -- When you think club music, the ska pop and folk sounds of No Doubt and Paula Cole aren't likely to be the first things that come to mind, especially their more slow-tempo hits.

But Cole's melancholy "Where Have All the Cowboys Gone," has spent weeks on the club-play and dance singles charts - not to mention a top ten spot on the pop charts - thanks to a maxi-single of several remixes. And now No Doubt's hit, "Don't Speak," a slow ballad, has been given high-energy techno treatment by a European group called "Clueless."

When both Paula Cole and No Doubt played the recent Blockbuster Rockfest in Fort Worth, Texas, we learned that Cole's got mixed feelings about remixes.

Cole said. "But sometimes weird is good. Sometimes you have to let go and not be so anal retentive and let other people do things to your music." [1.1MB QuickTime]

But No Doubt seems very sure that its techno tribute is indeed "clueless."

"They're quite embarrassing," said No Doubt's Tony Kanal. "We did not approve of these mixes being released. It's really, really sad." [450k QuickTime]

"The first time I heard it, we were in Spain and we were kind of at a low point," recalled Lead singer Gwen Stefani. "You go up and down, you know. And this was a really low point and I walked into a gym and people were working out to a techno version of 'Don't Speak' and I thought I was in a dream, you know. I felt kind of queasy." [800k QuickTime]

"I think there is something kind of exciting about the idea that everyone in the gym was working out to it and listening to our music, but it wasn't our music. That song just does not work to a techno beat, if you ask me." [1MB QuickTime]

For a few years now, dance remixers looking for something

new have been using just this sort of unlikely raw material. Last year a dance remix was made of the Tori Amos album track "Professional Widow," and it became an international club hit.

The next big female-sung hit to get the dance remix treatment: "Bitch" by Meredith Brooks, due out at the end of the month from producer Todd Terry, who recently released his own album called "Ready For a New Day."

No Doubt's U.S. Tour plays the Montage Mountain Arena in Scranton, Pennsylvania on Wednesday. Paula Cole is also on tour, with Sarah McLachlan's Lilith Fair. It plays the Shoreline Amphitheater in Mountain View, California on Tuesday.