Paula Cole Picks Her Favorite Of Her Seven Grammy Nods

Jaunuary 8 [10:00 EDT] -- Paula Cole heard her name called seven times at Tuesday's Grammy nominations, but there was one particular mention that made her happier than the rest.

Cole, who is up for Best New Artist, Album of the Year, Record of the Year, and Song of the Year to name a few, told MTV News' John Norris that she was most excited to hear her name called as a nominee for Producer of the Year.

"I suppose I'm the most proud of the nomination for producer, because it's such an incredibly male dominant field," Cole said.

"I only know one female producer ever that I've met, and I just feel very glad to have pierced that glass ceiling a little bit. I hope it encourages other females to find the leader within a bit" [600k QuickTime].

Cole says that the way she approached her album is not the norm, and that's what makes her proud.

"Normally, I think most young female artists are just taken by the hand and hooked up with some knowledgeable producer, but I got to do it myself and I worked really hard to make the most honest album possible, complete with mistakes and distorted microphones, and I wanted to make it an organic album about the human spirit, not about technology and drum machines. I wanted to make it about real human beings."

"This Fire" marks Cole's debut as a producer, and earned her a spot on the Producer of the Year list next to Babyface, Kirk Franklin, Mariah Carey's producer Walter Afanasieff, and Keith Thomas who worked with Vanessa Williams and Luther Vandross.

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