Sarah McLachlan Shoots "Adia," Confirms Cole For Lilith Fair Again

Lilith Fair mastermind Sarah McLachlan's almost too busy these days to notice how blown away she is by the success of last summer's tour.

MTV News visited McLachlan on the set her next video for her third single ["Adia" Video Shoot, 300k QuickTime], where McLachlan explained part of the video's concept.

"Later this afternoon, there's a ballroom scene where everybody's dancing around me and I stay the same. And the speeds of the dancer'll be changing" [800k QuickTime].

McLachlan's solo tour will launch on March 5 in Spokane, Washington and will wrap up April 17 in Boise, Idaho with opener, Lisa Loeb.

As for her Lilith Fair, McLachlan told MTV News that Paula Cole, who's up for seven Grammy nominations at next Wednesday's 40th Annual Awards Gala, will return to the second annual Lilith Fair tour this summer. However, exactly which dates Cole will play have not

yet been determined.

As we previously reported, Lilith '98 is to launch on June 19 in Portland, Oregon with Sarah McLachlan, Erykah Badu, Sinead O'Connor, The Indigo Girls, and Natalie Merchant on the main stage, and K's Choice and Tara McLean on the second stage.