Paula Cole Gives Grammys The Finger, But It's Not What You Think

You didn't see it Wednesday night, but Grammy winner Paula Cole flipped off the audience during her performance, but none of the music world elite exposed to the act should be offended.

Cole, who turned her seven nominations in to one award for Best New Artist, was in the middle of her performance of "Where Have All The Cowboys Gone?" when she raised her middle finger high for all of Radio City Music Hall to see.

A spokesperson for Cole's record label, Warner Bros., told "TV Guide's" website (which currently boasts a snapshot of the offending gesture) that the digit was "part of the satire" of the song, "where the woman is at home while the guy's out having a beer. It's for all the girls in the audience."

Unfortunately, only the girls gathered at Radio City got the message, as CBS cut the shot from its Grammy telecast.

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