"Dawson's" Sending Viewers To See Paula Cole, Shawn Mullins, More

Devoted fans of the WB series "Dawson's Creek" are getting a chance to visit the burg where the show is filmed and take in a concert featuring acts familiar from the show's soundtrack.

Six hundred contest winners will be flown to the show's real-life location of Wilmington, North Carolina next month to take in performances by Paula Cole, Shawn Mullins, Wood, and Tal Bachman at a private show to take place on November 13.

The contest is being sponsored by Ford Focus, which will be running commercials during the remainder of the month providing viewers with the skinny on the various ways to enter. Those 600 fans with fate on their side will be sent to the gig, which will be hosted by members of the show's cast.

Cole is perhaps the most inextricably connected artist to the soapy teen series, as her "I Don't Want To Wait" has served time as the show's theme; she appeared on the "Songs From 'Dawson's Creek'" soundtrack along with Mullins and Wood.

Bachman ("She's So High")

is an album absentee, though his music has been played behind the traumas and trials of Dawson, Joey, Pacey, Jen, et al., during broadcasts.

-- Kim Stitzel