Paula Cole Goes "Boom!" With Full-Time Band On "Amen"

Songstress Paula Cole, the first-ever female to receive a Grammy Award nomination for a Best Producer (for her 1996 album "This Fire"), has kicked her cowboy habit and added a band on her new album "Amen."

The Paula Cole Band, which includes longtime collaborators Jay Bellerose on drums and Kevin Barry on guitar, recruited the help of TLC's T-Boz and Gang Starr's DJ Premier to help flesh out songs such as "Be Somebody," "Rhythm Of Life," and the LP's opener, "I Believe In Love."

"I just wanted the first song on the album to go 'Boom!' Like that," Cole told MTV News. "Just a feeling that you want to turn it up and you want to dance. It makes you feel positive. You want to dance around your living room." [RealVideo]

Cole and company, along with Tal Bachman, Shawn Mullins, and Wood, will be gathering in Wilmington, North Carolina on November 13 to perform for 600 "Dawson's

Creek" contest winners (see "'Dawson's' Sending Viewers To See Paula Cole, Shawn Mullins, More").